The 6 Best Ways To Be More Productive

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You may be busy, but are you productive? There’s a huge difference between the two.

Busy — fussy, having a great deal to do,

Productive- achieving significant amount of results

We want what’s behind door number 2 please.

Are you working toward life changing projects or are you shuffling paperwork and answering emails? If you want to do big things, simply follow the steps below.

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1) Get up earlier or go to bed later

The middle meat of the day is when you’re running on all cylinders. Don’t even think about adding more to your plate there, it’s overflowing and you’re probably up the eyeballs in shit that needs to get done.

The best way to be productive is to carve out time. You need to focused to be productive, and to be focused you need no distractions.

People = distractions

So when are there no people? The bookends of the day.

Either first thing in the morning, before the emails start pilling up and texts starting coming through, or late at night, when everyone else has gone to bed and the house is quiet.

Squeezing out an extra hour of uninterrupted work is priceless.

What time of day your sweet spot is?

Ask yourself, are you an early bird or night owl? Who know what causes it- could be genetics, could be phycological — but figure out when you work out better and schedule your power hour.

2) Time block

Hustle culture is a virus that has infected us to zombie like levels. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot work 24/7/365, especially when it comes to big brain work. You could physically work in a field 8 hours a day in the hot sun and be fine, but sit in front of a screen for more than two and we find ourselves exhausted, distracted and anxious.

I had to write two articles today because I was behind in my one day posting and I’m mentally exhausted.

There’s only so much cpu you can use in a day. You’ll be lucky if you squeeze out an hour.

Block out 60 minutes and be done with it. Go on and get with the rest of your life once that timer goes off.

3) Sleep

Which brings me to my next point, you need to sleep. It’s the bodies way of wiping out all the temporary files, storing information, and resetting itself.

A full night’s rests will keep you clearer, more focused and with your head on straight for the time you do spend awake. You’ll be able to see solutions to problems that were previously invisible.

Remember you’re trying to accomplish big brain work. It’s like driving a race car, you need to keep your mind tuned.

4) To-do lists

It’s satisfying to check off the boxes on a list. Ahh.

Sometimes I’ll write things done I’ve already done just to then draw a line through it.

A to-do list lets you visually see what you need to do, it’s a brain dump. And luck enough, it always look less overwhering on paper.

I keep my productive hour to 5 tasks. And I keep it simple writing on a scrap piece of paper or yellow legal pad.

5) Commmit

Anything worth doing takes time. Give yourself 6 months, a year, 2 years. LONG. Most people give up, never finish what they started, or jump from project to project.

Stick to the plan, see it through, and stay the course.

There’s nothing like seeing a big project come to fruition, I imagine it’s like the birth of a child. Expect this child doesnt scream and shout. It just makes you money.



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